Wednesdays : 10am-12pm

Course length: 8 session

Price : 210Euros

Instructor: Ruth Springham

Course Description

Gentle introductory Hatha Yoga class suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Most modern forms of yoga are forms of Hatha Yoga, so in this class we will not follow a particular lineage but will cover physical postures, breathing techniques and concentration and relaxation methods so that the physical body is strengthened, vital energy is increased, and a state of serenity is achieved. There will be an introductory period of relaxation, followed by some gentle warming up exercises, the sun salutation sequence will be explored, some seated and standing postures (asanas) that can be adapted to the individual student needs, some breathing exercises, and a final yoga relaxation (nidra) practise to close the class.

A minimum of 4 persons is required for this course to take place..


I am a qualified hatha yoga teacher with Centre de Yoga La Source and completed their 300 teacher training program in 2016. I have been practicing yoga myself for over 10 years, mainly following the Sivananda lineage, as well as attending regular Iyengar yoga classes and workshops. I recently completed a weekend workshop of Yoga Anatomy (with Chris Kummer N.D.).I teach in my own yoga studio as well as for La Source Luxembourg. I came to yoga relatively late in life, and soon realised that the combination of physical and mental practices, while helping me on both levels, somehow went beyond these two planes so that a greater sense of wellbeing, calmness and inner peace can be achieved. My goal in teaching is if I can help my students make that deeper connection through the practice of yoga.