Best video results with your smartphone

Thursdays 7-9pm, starting Thursday 23rd January

Course Length:8 sessions (16hrs)

Location : St. George's International School in Hamm

Price: 210 Euros

Instructor: René Almeida

Course Description

This course focuses on the camera in your smartphone and you will learn how to improve the image and the end result of your videos.

The course shall cover the various options for manual control, framing, image processing, colour and editing.

We shall talk about accessory material, such as lights, microphones and other supports, as tools to improve your videos.

At the end of the course students will be able to make a short video, taking into consideration all of the aspects covered in the classes.

Learning outcomes: Being a hands-on course, students shall make a short video, which will be analysed in the class by the group, addressing issues such as rhythm and visual expression.

Suitable for Beginners

A minimum of 4 people is required for this class to take place.


I have worked as a photographer / filmmaker since 2006 when I finished my degree in Sound and Imagery. I have also worked as a trainer in these areas for five years.