Interior Design - Part 1

Every Tuesday 7-9pm

Course length: 8 weeks (16 hours)

Location : St. George’s International School in Hamm

Price : €210

Instructor: Sheyda Vatankah

Course Description

Anyone with an eye for good aesthetics and a passion for beautiful spaces would benefit from taking a Course in Interior Design. With a specialized focus on the creation of intelligently designed living spaces, an interior design course allows students to advance their careers or get a foot in the door in this fun and creative field.

Course contents deal with The Visual Language of Design, A Presentation Board, Client Profile, Design Brief, Concept, Style, Bubble Diagram and House Layout.

As a result of this education, on the one hand students are encouraged to develop a conceptual approach in design practice gaining a strategic under standing of elements and processes involved. On the other hand, technical representation and architectural detailing serve the students as a mirror for reviewing their design and refining their professional skills.

A minimum of 4 persons is required for this course to take place.


Sheyda Vatankah is an architect born in Iran. She is an architect graduated from the "National university of Architecture of Tehran-Iran and set design graduated from” Accademy Fine Art “ of Rome- Italy.

She is passionate about all the perceptions and concepts that the notion of space embraces. Her practice is at the intersection of visual arts, interior design, set design and architecture.

She has experience in institutions such as:

  • Scoderie della casa del teatri & Accademia di belle arti di Rome- ITALY - light designer
  • Set designer at Productione cinematograf Kimerafilm -“Performance Design Symposium “ The Theater Potlatch in Fara Sabina and Academy Danish Institute in Rome- ITALY- “Provaci ancora prof ” is an Italian television series ( season 6 ) by Enrico Oldoini. And more than 6 production film studio at Luxembourg.
  • In 2015 , her video art nominated at Competition Hausmann & Co. e Patek Philippe & Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Rome – ITALY
  • From 2016-2017 she is selected for garant award :"TORNO SUBITO 2015" GARANT AWARD - ITALY- LUXEMBOURG (This is the grant run by REGIONE LAZIO (lazio regional council) and funded by the European Union -POR ESF 2014-2020. Theme: Bioclimatic Architecture and Sustainable Technologies for the Environment.)
  • In 2018 she is became member of OAI( Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers ) at Luxembourg.

Currently, she is working as an interior designer at creative studio film Luxembourgish and independent architect .