Mindfulness & Well-being

Wednesdays : 7-9pm

Course length: 8 sessions

Location : St. George's International School in Hamm

Price : 210 Euros

Instructor: Karen Graham

Course Description

In 1979 American psychologist Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn created a secular, therapeutic programme to help people recover from trauma. Drawing on ancient teachings which have stood the test of time his programme has taught people all over the world how to quieten their minds and listen to their own inner-voice of wisdom in order to re-frame their understanding of themselves, their own abilities and their relationships with the world and other people.

Week by week we will look at how to harness our consciousness so that we can actively cultivate qualities that build our emotional resilience and understand why we react in the way we do. Participants will be given tools to use and will be encouraged to practice them during the week.

For the course to achieve its maximum potential the participants will be expected to carry out different practice in between classes.

Students will only require a journal (this can be a small exercise book) and something to lie on such as a towel or yoga mat.


Karen has a B.Ed degree in Physical Education. She has lived in a number of countries (Greece, Austria, Hong Kong, China) and worked largely with young people as a Houseparent in International Schools.

Karen became interested in Complementary medicine in her 40s and qualified as a therapist in Bio-Energetics, Bowen therapy and Mindfulness. She was the organiser of the Health and Healing English speaking group for 3 years and has run numerous workshops on Well-Being here in Luxembourg as well as being a therapist for 18 years.

She taught English to adults at Haus am Brill, Capellen for four years and after returning from two years in China as part of a team starting up a new United World College as a PSHE teacher, she is currently a supply teaching at ISL.