WING TSUN Self Defence

Wednesdays 7-9pm, starting Wednesday 22nd January

Course Length:8 sessions (16hrs)

Location : St. George's International School in Hamm

Price: 210 Euros

Instructor: Alain Wagener

Course Description

WING TSUN is a Chinese self defence martial art. Our teacher Alain will show you how to defend yourself from all types of street attacks. He will start with simple techniques and partner exercises and go on to show you defence options (Punch, slap, feet), grabble and efficient ways to use your strength. He will also teach you a variety of strikes that ensure the three core principles of Wing Tsun are followed.


Alain has over 22 years experience in Martial Arts. He started with Karate where he achieved brown belt (1KYU) from 1983-1996.

In 2011 he began with WING TSUN, in 2015 he graduated as a WING TSUN instructor and in August 2019 passed his degree so that he is now authorized to one day own his own WING TSUN School.

In 2015 he also started learning Escrima (Filipino Boxing method)